WeChat Spy Hacker

WeChat Spy Hacker

There are a lot of social media options around but with the potential thread around such as hackers. We must be very careful when sharing our privacy with a social media. Recently, World’s Biggest and trustful company Apple got hacked and hackers released several compromising private photos and videos of people through its flagship online storage media iCloud. People have also experienced similar privacy problems with Snapchat, Yahoo, Facebook etc.

WeChat is among the new social media around which has a lot of features, enough features so people don’t get bended to other social media for features. The main advantage of WeChat is that it is very tough or nearly impossible to hack, so one doesn’t need to worry about privacy. WeChat offers an extra ordinary end2end encryption, the benefit of this feature is that when people send any message the data goes to their secure server and then to the user. WeChat Servers are very secure only one source claims to spy on it. WeChat offers extra ordinary features which no app offers. It lets you book a cab to a hotel and you can also pay for most of expenses using wechat’s Tencent wallet. It also has many offers in time so you can get discount or cashback.

Words cannot describe how effective WeChat is but it is certainly the most advance application here.

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