Present World Technology of Messaging

Present World Technology of Messaging


Today, Messaging is an important part of our life. It has taken a place between our friend circle to work circle. It is employed when we need to get in touch with our friends to send and receive important data of work over Internet. In past messaging was done through cellular networks with a character limit and no media file option but today most of the messaging is done via Internet. Social Media has played a great role in it. Social media has even added new features like sharing photos, videos etc. Now when you need to just say ‘hi’ to your friend you don’t necessarily require to send a message. All you need to do is POKE him on Facebook.


Facebook today is the most used messaging service in the world with active users of more than a billion. It allows users to chat, poke, share photos and videos, voice and video calling, online games etc. You can now like a photo and comment on it. When you share a photo, you can control who can see it or post comments. Accessing it, comes with no less features You can access it using your phone, tablet or computer. Facebook also keeps you updated with news around according to your interests. When you like a page you also follow it meaning whenever the page does an activity you will be notified about it and your wall will be updated. A page can be related to a company or product to a celebrity or person, who you like to follow and hear about.

WeChat Introduction

Another source of messaging is WeChat, it offers far and less features than Facebook. WeChat doesn’t offer features like sharing photos or posting comments but it lets you call a cab or pay for you bill using its state of the art wallet. WeChat allows user to send messages and media files to other people or a group of people. It lets you make free video calls and voice calls both individually and in groups. You can send stickers to your friends as a substitute for common long phrases, these stickers have emotional animations based on the feeling of the phrase.

– Criticism of WeChat and Users

WeChat is not so popular in North America and European users but is very popular and a necessity in East Asia particularly Malaysia, China, Philippines and Indonesia. There’s a lot of censorship of WeChat in China particularly because of CCP (Chinese Communist Party). It has received criticism of its servers being monitored by officials and lack of safety of privacy. It is widely known that CCP uses WeChat’s GPS to trace people for politically motivated reasons.

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